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  1. gailwriter

    I just ordered my first pattern from you and paid through PayPal. When I ordered I did not have an account. How and when will I get the pattern? Thanks. Gail

  2. tenderstitchez

    I am getting frustrated and irritated and to be honest this seams like a pretty shabby way to conduct a business site. No direct method of contact that I can find just leave a post here and hope it gets seen? The last post I see here is from 2018 so here goes nothing. I ordered a pattern 2 days ago I still have not received a link to download it. Yes i have checked spam folders and everything else. I paid through paypal and i have all the transaction info.

    1. Sue Gregori Post author

      Sorry for the bad experience. We have checked and the pattern was sent to your gmail account as it was suppose to. We don’t any information from gmail saying that there was a delivery issue. Anyway, I am sending you a free pattern coupon for your troubles.

  3. Janine Bourdo

    I would love your tree of life potholder pattern. How much is it? I don’t see a price. I see an order form to mail.

  4. Janine Bourdo

    I paid via PayPal for the tree of life and rabbits patterns 2 days ago. When will I receive them?

    1. Sue Gregori Post author

      We believe is a hotmail issue of blocking e-mails directly from our site.

      I have sent the patterns manually from my personal e-mail account. Sorry for the delay.


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