Welcome to SG-Creations’ on-line store!

Welcome to SG-Creations’ store. 

Now you can shop and pay on-line by Paypal (credit card or bank debit card) and get a pattern right away or pay by check.  All patterns are electronic and sold as a PDFs.


To pay on-line, add the item(s) to your cart.  Select the payment method of Paypal and orders will be available same day.  Each password protected order will enable you to 3 downloads of the PDFs.     The 3 download opportunities are to help you to conveniently add to multiple electronic devices (or if lose a copy) and is not intended for sharing or selling the unused downloads to others.  Orders can also be place without a password.   Just add to cart and pay with Paypal.  Orders without a password will just be e-mailed the pattern once.

PAY BY CHECK or MONEY ORDER:  (2 options)

  1. Order by Form: Fill out the order form (below), include payment and I will e-mail you the pattern (pdf format) once your payment arrives.  This will allow only one copy of the pattern’s pdf.  Pattern Order Form  .
  2. Order On-line:  Add the item to your cart and at check out just select check for payment type. This will let me know to look for your check and when I receive it, your pdf will be released, you’ll be notified by e-mail and the store will hold 3 downloads for your use. The 3 download opportunities are to help you to conveniently add to multiple electronic devices (or if lose a copy) and is not intended for sharing or selling the unused downloads to others.

Not all patterns are ready for sale yet, but I am working on that ( along with knitting a few new patterns).  If you are interested in a pattern not for sale yet, I will switch my priorities if you let me know you are interested.  Just post a note somewhere on my blog or this store letting me know which pattern you are interested in.  Or if you have any questions, e-mail me at:  info@sg-creations.com 

If you are looking for a way to get back to my blog on my knitting projects, double knitting tutorials, dahlia growing or cotton yarn dying,  you find that by clicking here: My blog: sg-creations.org



8 thoughts on “Welcome to SG-Creations’ on-line store!

  1. Knittypurl28

    I absolutely love your designs! They are really beautiful. Did you use stock Sugar & Cream cotton, or did you dye them yourself? I didn’t see any reference to to you being on Ravelry. If you aren’t, you should sign up & sell your patterns there-you’ll have a tremendous pool of potential buyers. I will definitely be buying some of your patterns when I finish my 2 test knits! Keep up the great work!

    1. Sue Gregori

      Thank you. It’s very sweet of you to drop a note.

      Yes, I am on Ravelry. My user’s name is ‘sixlegged’ on Ravelry and I post my patterns there as well. While the sales of the pattern link back to my store, some knitters have posted their finished projects of my patterns there so you can see how other people made them. I also have another website where I post free patterns, links to double knitting tutorials, a short story about what inspired me to the designs and some notes about myself, other interests and some of my yarn dying. Here’s my blog: http://www.sg-creations.org/

      Yes, I do use Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn primarily. I also do use other Spinrite cotton yarns (Peaches & Cream, Bernat’s Handicrafter Cotton). I’ve also tried Martha Steward’s Cotton Hemp and Red Heart Creme de la Cream. The last 2 do knit up differently than the Spinrite yarns. I hope to be able to buy some Knit Pick’s Dishie yarn soon and then yarn comparison on my blog.

      1. fran snell

        I have bought two of your patterns and just love them. I really would like to purchase the dahlia pattern. Please let me know how to do this! Your double knitting is just beautiful!

        Fran Snell

        1. Sue Gregori

          Ok, I’ll put that on one the list to make as a pattern.

          Over the months, I’ve made several attempts to tweak the pattern (less details, more graphic), but after about 15 tries, I think this is the best I can make without making the pot holder huge.

          Done. I’m glad you said something. I just assumed it was too obscure of a hobby for me and that I should try and make other more common types of flowers.

  2. Zoe Weisenkail

    I purchased 2 patterns from you on February 25, 2015. Unfortunately, I didn’t download the Tree of Life pot holder and now I can’t find the link! Could you forward me another link for this pattern. I’m all set with the other pattern, the Dragonfly pot holder – more than halfway done and loving it! Great instructions!
    Thank you,
    Zoe Weisenkail

    Sent from Zoe’s iPad

    1. Sue Gregori

      Thanks for the order. I sent the instructions on how to download the patterns from the site and also e-mailed the patterns to you directly. Please let me know if that didn’t work.

  3. Leoni Dsouza

    Hi Sue,
    I really love the Dahlia and Mermaid Potholder patterns and would love to know how I can get them.

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